A Revolution In No Contact Cleaning

The uniq-B Battery Powered No Contact Cleaning System is set to play a major role in creating healthier and cleaner environments.

  • Completely mobile – no leads, no hoses.
  • Up to 65% labour cost savings.
  • Reduces health & safety issues with staff.
  • No more chemical handling or mixing.
  • Just 1 minute to clean an average fixture.
  • Accurate chemical dilution technology.
  • The uniq-V Battery Vacuum

    Ideal for use in those areas where mains power supply is a problem. With no trailing cables, operatives can safely vacuum anywhere. The uniq-V package gives a continuous working time of 1 hour.

    The uniq-V delivers vacuum power where you need it, when you need it. Colleges, hospitals, health centres, cinemas, retail premises, offices and all other public buildings. The uniq-V simplifies the cleaning process.

  • The uniq-SD Single Disc Machine

    With no cables the uniq-SD can be used anywhere it is needed. It can be used safely when there are members of the public present. The machine has a 10 litre solution tank included in the frame, this also helps with the brush pressure. This robust machine is made from near unbreakable polyethylene.

    The equipment can be used with pads or brushes and comes with two options 13" or 17".

  • The uniq-Ultimop

    The uniq-Ultimop has a built in cleaning fluid reservoir, with a simple press action to dispense cleaning solution from the mop onto the floor.

    This ensures an economical use of cleaning chemicals, and allows the operator to clean floors without over wetting. Easier to dry and safer. The system does away with traditional wet mopping, which just moves dirty water across the floor. Colour coded mop heads allow you to keep cleaning and drying separate.


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